IATCO Clutch Warranty

The IATCO Clutch Program warranty policy is designed to provide IATCO customers with a competitive warranty administered fairly, quickly and with minimum administrative requirements.

The IATCO Clutch Program warranty covers defects of material or workmanship for 24 months (heavy duty clutches, and 12 months (medium duty clutches) from the date of retail sale from the IATCO distributor. The warranty policy covers parts only.


Receive a 3-Year, Unlimited Mile Warranty when you purchase an IATCO Easy Effort or AutoSet Clutch along with an IATCO Clutch Installation Kit.

In order to receive the extended warranty, IATCO requires the following:

  • Must provide proof of purchase of both an IATCO clutch and IATCO clutch installation kit at the time of filing
  • Only applicable to IATCO Easy Effort or AutoSet Clutch
  • Proof of purchase of a new or ground flywheel
  • Only applicable to sales after January 1, 2019
  • only applicable to US & Canada

For more information click here to download the Extended Clutch Warranty Flier