Illinois Auto Truck focuses exclusively on the manufacturing of NEW clutches assemblies, components and supplemental parts for class 6, 7 & 8 vehicles. All of the materials used in IATCO’s manufacturing process are of the highest quality know in the clutch industry.

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Iatco Packaging

llinois Auto Truck prides itself on their packaging. All products utilize recyclable material to encourage the end user to recycle the packaging once opened. IATCO’s clutch box is designed to capture the eye of the customer as well as to ensure that the product is received in the same manner that it left IATCO’s facility.

Clutch Box Packaging: The clutch cover sits on a cardboard pedestal and four corner posts hold the cover in place. A separate box is used to package the two discs (or one) and intermediate plate, this is to keep the discs flat during storage and transport. Complete installation instructions, technical bulletins and service suggestions are included with every clutch.

Supplemental Parts Packaging: All IATCO supplemental parts are packaged in a 100% recyclable bag. IATCO branding is incorporated throughout the bag to highlight the company and the product inside. The bag is very easy to display in a distributor showroom and easy for the end user to open.