Supplemental Parts & Tools

A clutch installation requires more than just the installation of the clutch itself; all parts of the clutch system must be checked and replaced where needed. Illinois Auto Truck offers an extensive line of supplemental parts to complete a successful clutch installation. IATCO also manufactures several tools to aid the mechanic throughout the installation process.


Supplemental Clutch Parts

  • Bell Housing Kits
  • Clutch Forks
  • Front Bearing Caps
  • Gaskets
  • Input Shafts
  • Cross Shafts (application specific)
  • Bushings
  • Sleeve & Bearings Assemblies
  • Anti-Rattle Springs
  • High Temperature Pilot Bearings
  • Drive Lugs
  • Torque Limiting Clutch Brakes
  • Hinged Clutch Brakes
  • Clutch Brake Washers

Clutch Tools

  • Clutch Jack (available with flywheel adapter)
  • Transmission Jack
  • Alignment Tools
  • Adjustment Tools