Heavy Duty Clutches

Illinois Auto Truck offers 4 different styles of NEW 14″ & 15″ heavy duty clutches. All four models are interchangeable and can be used in various applications. Our range covers torque capacities up to 3000 foot pounds. Clutch Discs are available with organic, ceramic, or kevlar facings.


Angle Spring®

The Angle Spring® clutch line is the most cost competitive line based on the original clutch design for North American drivelines. The Angle Spring® assembly utilizes 6 pressure springs to allow for smooth engagement. Adjustment can be achieved through the manual or Spring-A-Just mechanism.

Easy Effort®

The Easy Effort® clutch line decreases the pedal effort required once the clutch has reached the disengagement point. The combined effort of the 6 pressure springs with the 3 extra assist springs allows for a 30% reduction. This clutch will improve a driver’s productivity by lowering the driver’s fatigue. Adjustment is achieved through the Spring-A-Just mechanism.

Soft Pedal®

The Soft Pedal® clutch line utilizes the most advance up-to-date technology. Smoother engagement is achieved through a diaphragm spring design. Once this clutch reaches disengagement the effort to hold the pedal down is decreased by 30% vs. the standard Angle Spring®. Improved heat dissipation is allowed through the enlarged cover ventilation. Adjustment is achieved through the manual adjust mechanism.

AutoSet Clutch®

The patent pending AutoSet Clutch® by Illinois Auto Truck improves on all previous available versions of self-adjusting heavy duty clutches. With every push of the clutch pedal, clutches and their associated parts wear. IATCO’s AutoSet Clutch® compensates for this wear by auto-adjusting to maintain the clutch pedal free play (1/2” between the release bearing and the clutch brake).